2018 Head Dialogue of a Mother

Sometimes it's just a bit overwhelming. August 16, 2018

Music Accompaniment: Pressure, Billy Joel

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“Got to get ready for fair…getting ready for the fair, need to get things together for the fair…”

Make display, create the scoreboard, paint, (sigh), picture frames for art projects, get cow classes right, correct names, whites.

Get Tyler to golf course for golf match.  Pick up Jacob from catnip weeding job. Let’s go Sam…we have to go gather the troops. Lead cows.

Where are the show whites? Do the show whites still fit?  

(Don’t forget the white underwear…)

Playing cards for show box, vinyl tablecloth, wheel barrel, pitchfork, shovel, playing cards again (don’t forget to add them to the list), shovel again, refrigerator, extension cord–add it all to the list.

Grab the list. Run to the store.  So much to buy–so much to spend.

Get Jacob running shoes and spikes, what time is your school physical? Where is the paperwork. Did you finish your summer math homework yet?

Kids lead cows.

Plan Wednesday night dinner for 30, 4-H barn, what am I going to cook and transport?!?! (Wipe forehead…sigh again.) Paint is dry, Sam–can you put 2nd coat of paint on the fair display board?

Make batch of cookies. Chocolate chips–add to grocery list.

Okay, you got this.

Cow bedding–is it coordinated? Picture frames, thumb tacks, zip ties, recipe for hard candy that Jacob is entering. Friday is supposed to be humid–hmm what’s that going to do for consistency and set up?

Jacob have you finished your pencil sketch?

Tyler to finish farm scene, lead cows, Nasco order. Pick vegetables, Tyler needs paint to finish farm scene–add to the list. Pick pumpkins, pick tomatoes, pick peppers, don’t forget the recipe card for fudge. Fill jars with corn silage, haylage, 3 ears of corn, dented yet? Where are the jars?

Clip cows, dull clipper blades? Did we remember to get them sharpened? Toplines…MUST get more clear magic–add to Nasco order.

Picture frames, cow signs…(wipe brow).  Fans. Did I add them to the barn list?

Go to grocery store. Forgot list–keep going anyway. Light corn syrup (for the hard candy project), baby wipes for cows, yikes! I forgot to check the white underwear supply for the boys!

By the way can someone get the lawn mowed?!  Jacob what time are you supposed to be weeding catnip?

Add wax paper to the list…where’s the darn list!!?

Get Tyler to golf course for practice. Get clothes on clothesline, Tyler needs golf shirt cleaned before match.

Flowers, milk cans, flowers, lights for display, picture frames for kids’ art projects…CERAMIC entries (must not break!).

Oh my gosh, I forgot to feed the DOG! 

Shopping: Take 5

Lead cows.

Food, dinners, grocery store, drinking water, $$$$, grapes, apples…BANDAIDS for the show box!! Grocery list. Is that the list I put in my pocket?

Hard candy, fudge; need to make with Jacob.

Must not forget the white underwear! What size frame do we need for your pencil sketch?

Move into 4-H dorms, tell kids to pack, sleeping bags, pillows, shift at 4-H dairy bar, show halters, clear magic, hoof polish, hope it all gets here in time…yikes!!

“Don’t cry Sam, Sprinkles is going to settle in and do just fine once she gets to the show.”  (Oh please lord make that heifer behave for showmanship.)

Text pictures for 4-H club easel, dry sweatshirts, wet sweatshirts (hope everyone can squeeze into the white wranglers next week–stop growing!) Tyler needs new boots! (My gosh fair time is so expensive!!!)

Chocolate, need chocolate…add to list for ME!!!  (Oh my heavens how will I ever get this all done in time–sigh.)

Maybe I should put the white underwear with the stack of whites? Where did I put that stack of whites? (Am I losing my mind?)

Farm shirts–did the right sizes come in? Where is that order?

Kids clean the showbox. Stock the showbox–don’t forget the paper-towels–PAPERWORK–where are the health certificates?!?!?!

Get the water, freeze pops for the cooler, CHAIRS! Picture frames, correct sizes?? Lattice work, yes!

Shopping: Take 9

“Tyler I will drop you off at the golf course on my way to the grocery store…call dad, see if he can pick you up when you are done–I have to run to get Jacob new running shoes and you all need new white underwear…and we’ll swing into the fairgrounds on our way home to see if they have the stall assignments up yet…”

Pack the sleeping bags, get the pillows, make the fudge with Jacob.  

Did you win your golf match?

Hard Candy: Take 2

Clean the picture frames, wash the pumpkins and vegetables, pack them in a basket.

Load the trailer, load the truck, head out the driveway—WAIT! We forgot…

REPEAT dialogue in your head, add or subtract items as needed every 5 minutes until the cows are in their stalls, the projects are entered in the youth building, and you have your first seat with a beverage under the cloak of an insulated coffee mug–9 pm, first night of the fair–whew, only 7 more days to go!