A Letter to FFA Students

And a little insight February 23, 2020

Dear FFA Students,

Hooray for you, it’s National FFA Week!  A great way to kick off the season of competition as you dive into sub-districts and districts and eventually your state’s annual convention.  

Today, I sat at a basketball tournament with my son Sam … and I thought, in between games.  

My thought process started with what it takes to make a mark in life, for yourself.

As many of you get ready to embark on the next chapter, beyond your high school FFA competitions, farm, family and friends, the choices you will have and the possible directions that you could take all conjured up in my mind.

I wondered.  What tiny little nugget of advice or insight could I even begin to share with all of you to kick off this special week?    

So I pondered a little more … in between foul shots and kids beating the press.

I have made my life’s work based around communication. Some of you will too. You will go off to become editors and writers, advertising agents, and communications managers for all sorts of different companies and associations.  

Many of you will not.  

However, communication will be important to ALL of you, no matter what you choose to do.  

You will want to share your feelings, motivate co-workers, and help your children understand.  

You will need to convey an idea to your boss, have hard conversations with your spouse, siblings, and friends.  

You will need to inspire others around you, every day…to get the results that you are looking for … to help you feel good ... or not.

And that will all come through the results of your ability to communicate.

I decided that what I could do would be to offer some insight that might just begin to crack the door open to your mind, and your willingness to think down this path in understanding communication. Which in the end, might be the help that you will need, to succeed

This idea is nothing new, and certainly not of my own thought. I share this with you so that you can begin your journey of understanding; this concept of communication, motivation, and how we act. Why we act.

Or to address the bigger question; how and why we are motivated?

It’s not something that is easy to explain. I am going to let TED do all of the explaining.  It’s short and poignant and I thought that this TED Talk might be a great way for you to begin your National FFA Week.

Whether you are an FFA student or not, the insight offered in this little excerpt is extremely valuable and thought provoking.  It always gets me thinking every time I watch it … and will certainly change the way that I tackle this week.

And to all of my FFA friends, and the special FFA students in my life, I hope that somewhere, in one of you, a spark is ignited and you are able to connect with this concept.  I find it fascinating and believe that it is one of the keys to unlocking many doors that you will go through to get to success–for you.

Cheers to Monday, I hope this helps!

With Love,