Lifestyle Perspective

An old farmhouse in the winter

January 9, 2022

Anyone who has ever lived in an old farmhouse during the winter has a special appreciation for what it is to feel warm, inside.  🙂  

In an old farmhouse, it’s about waking up to frosty windowpanes, and watching the curtains blow, ever so slightly, to the rhythm of the wind blowing in through the cracks in the casings.

It’s listening to the sporadically rattling old storm windows that don’t shut right anymore. It’s feeling the cold through the horsehair plaster when you touch your hand on the inside of the house’s outer walls.

It’s understanding the importance of making sure the doors are properly latched on windy nights; one never knew when coming downstairs in the morning if they would be finding an old door blown open with snow spilling into the entryway.

It’s getting up in the middle of the night to stoke the firebox down in the cellar during subzero temperatures. 

It’s chilly floors, along with keeping the Christmas tree up a little longer into January. Trees serve as great insulating factors in front of bay windows located in living rooms. 

It’s cold noses, woolen socked feet, and wearing a hat inside at night when you watch tv.

It’s diving underneath 5 old quilts layered on the bed, and seeing your breath when you wake up. It’s gearing up to take the plunge back into the frigid air that awaits you when getting out from underneath those very same quilts the next morning.

It’s cranking the thermostat up as high as possible when visitors come so as not to have them freeze to death.  And still not accomplishing the goal!

But in reality, it’s about the unspoken understanding of the lifestyle that comes with living in an old farmhouse.  

I wouldn’t trade it for anything. With it comes a building of character through the resilience of living in adverse conditions.  LOL!

Not to mention a whole lot of cussing as you shovel the snow out of the entryway at 5 in the morning after the door was blown open during the night!  😉

Here’s to your old farmhouse and staying warm this winter.  I understand and hunker down to endure just like you. Can’t wait for April!

With love,