And like that, it’s almost over

Bittersweet February 12, 2023

Dear Jakey,

Watching you play basketball has been one of the greatest joys of my life.  Seriously, it has.  I am your biggest fan!

Through primary basketball, AAU, DAGS, and Varsity.  Late nights coming back from practices and weekend-long tournaments, it has been so much fun, and I wouldn’t trade that time with you for anything.

Your feisty defense and serious offense—you never let up, always working hard at it; no one can argue your work ethic.  Did that come from the farm, maybe?  🙂 

Watching how you carry your shoulders, I can read your mood on the court. Oh boy, he’s got one a little lower, foul here we come!

There have been good games, hard games, and moments of brilliance.  Remember that buzzer-beater,  half-court shot you made during the summer league game? That was crazy!

I see basketball as your anchor through high school.  It’s what you have loved. I acknowledge that love has never come easy to you… you have kept working at it because of your love.  I am so proud of you.

And now, as we round out this season and your senior year starts drawing to a close, I can see how much you have grown in just a few short months.  You are now the leader of your team.  They look to you for guidance and direction, both on the court and off.

You have finally embraced the leadership I have known to be within you. Not easy for someone who has always been more comfortable in the supporting role.  And this is why this season, this last season, has been so great.

I am so excited for you, and as dad and I get ready to launch you out into the world after high school, I always want you to remember basketball.  Keep playing somewhere, somehow.

It will be your center, your anchor when life gets hard, and I hope you can always remember what a magnificent leader you became this season because of it.

Here’s to the farm bus, Popeyes fried chicken, and here’s to you, my baby!  

Let’s go, Green!  On to sectionals. Let’s make it count this year!  You have a true team in every sense of the word, led by you

With love, always,