It's a good question ...

Are You In?

Be honest, with yourself... May 5, 2024

I went to a very small wedding Saturday night. 

I like weddings.

Weddings are not just for the couple being married, but also for those who support them.  They are an opportunity for renewal and a reminder of love for those of us standing on the sidelines, watching.

Whether you are next to your mate of 40 years, 20 months or 10 days one can’t help but think about relationships, and what goes into them.  Even for those of us who are un-married, we think about the people who came before, and the ones who are perhaps right in front of us.  We think about our children, our friends, and our families and their relationships.

If the wedding officiant is good, the service will encourage you to think, feel, and want to be better.

Last night, the couple was asked one question:  Are you in?

Are you in for this marriage?  Are you in for the good days and the bad days?  Are you in for the trials and tribulations ahead of you as a couple and family?  

Are you in, as a group of people, to support this couple?

Are you in? is a very applicable question, on so many levels, for absolutely everything in life!

Are you in your business?  

Are you in your exercise routine?  

Are you in as a friend?  

Whatever it is you spend your life doing or whoever you spend your life with, are you really, truly, in and invested? Are you consciously making the decision every day to be there and show up for the situation, for the people, and for yourself?


If you want in, go for it! Get yourself solidly there, commit, and don’t look back.

If you realize you aren’t in and want to get back in, you better find a way to turn around, walk back through the door and inside, and set your intention to stay.

And if you aren’t in and don’t want to be in, remove yourself. Stop pretending you are in when you aren’t. You are only wasting your time and the time of those around you. 

I bring all of this up because last night, at the wedding, I was reminded.  

“Kate, are you in?”

Marriage is important.  Relationships are important.  

But THE most important relationship you have is actually with yourself.  Being honest, committed, and IN…to everything you do and everyone you are with.  

True and genuine.   

Have a great week!