We feel


As parents August 9, 2021

Here we are, August 9, where is this summer going?

As I get ready to head into the last week before Tyler goes to college, I reflect and I anxiously think.

I have tears that are bubbling underneath the surface that I desperately want to hide but can’t seem to. So we cry and laugh in this family because we embrace those tears. We are a family of criers! We own it! Thank goodness!

My mind wanders as I think about all of the great opportunities that lie in wait for him.

I think about the first time that I held him in my arms and the years that raced through my mind as I looked at him–so perfect. I never thought it possible that I would ever get to this time.

I desperately hold onto the things that I know, praying that they don’t slip out of my hands forever with this big change.

I am clinging to my role as a mother this week–wishing my work would go away, for focus’ sake.

(Sorry clips, sorry team)

I grasp for the new things that I know are going to be floating by.

(For all of us)

I look at Jacob and Sam and I want to bring them closer. What a big change it is going to be.

How blessed we are to have a child that is going out into the world. I am going to be greatful this week.

As we run around saying goodbye, packing, and preparing I am thinking of all the parents who are feeling the way I do this week.

Happy, melancholy, and anxious with a whole lot of other emotions woven into the mix. We just love our kids so much!

So we will feel this week–a lot.

With deep love and heart,