Calling all “non-survey” takers

October 24, 2021

Calling all “Non-survey” takers!  I promise, it’s a quickie, and it will help us immensely as we get ready to embrace the next phase for the Morning Ag Clips.

My goal, OUR goal is to give you what is most useful in your busy life, however, it may pertain to agriculture.  With so many things coming at you in a sea of information, we certainly don’t want you to feel drowned with what we deliver every morning.

Whether you are growing the beans every day or supporting them, we want you to have the latest and most pertinent ag news available, in the easiest to read format and delivery mode.

So click here, take the 1-minute survey—I promise, it’s 3 questions, only 3 questions!  🙂

And by the way…the Halloween candy is definitely overtaking me in my run away from it. This week I will be faster, I promise! ;-).

Cheers to Monday!

With love,