Dear Dad

July 9, 2021

Dear Dad,

Thank you!

Thank you for catching softball pitches after dinner and dancing in a ballet recital with me when I was 8.

Thank you for moving me 4 times my first year out of college and rescuing me from a guard rail on one snowy night — you told me I shouldn’t go out.

Thank you for buying me Toby and carting me back and forth to the barn every day — for MANY years.

Thank you for my college education.

And always providing a weed whacker, lawnmower, ladder, tool, or paintbrush … and all the other miscellaneous items I borrowed over the years.

Thank you for always picking up the dinner tab and covering me when I didn’t have any cash. I admit it’s often! 😉

Thank you for moving mattresses, taking care of my dogs, and trying your darndest to get me to places on time.

Thank you for moving roses in November, mixing amaretto sours, and trying so hard to make me feel better whenever you see me cry.

Thank you for tickling me after dinner when I was little.  I still remember how good those laughs were.

Thank you for all of the painting, scraping, and raking of my leaves at the lake.

Thank you for Chi Chi Bugs!

Thank you for lugging wood in for all those fires, inspiring me to be able to waterski until I am 70 too, and teaching me that it’s okay to have a quick nap after lunch.

Thank you for all of the boat tows, wood stacking, and Sunday afternoon football games.

But most of all, I thank you for your stability in life. It has always given me the confidence to try, try, try again.

This stability made me feel safe while I figured things out and worked to find the courage within myself to get up and go at it again.

Without a doubt, I always knew that it would be okay because you were behind me every step of the way.

With great thought and thankfulness,