Getting Back Into It

You should October 10, 2019

Grrrr, I went when the alarm sounded off at 4:55 this morning.

What the heck am I thinking? (grumble, grumble, grumble)  I am so not an early morning person the broken record played in my head …(sigh, sigh, sigh)

I remember the days of milking in the flat parlor–2:30 am.  I jumped out of bed.

I used to look forward to a Saturday morning when I could do fresh cow treatments with my uncle at 4 am.

And now I proudly look up to my son who gets up early to clean barns and feed cows on the weekends.

But what has happened to me?!?! Why can’t I just roll out of bed early anymore? Have I gotten lazy?!?!? Am I getting old?!?!?! 

Since all of the business changes this fall my daily routine has been very off. It has been driving me somewhat crazy as I am a creature of habit. I like my routine …

What has taken the hit and is now missing completely are my workouts at the Y from 12:30 to 1:30 every day. 

It slid in so nicely there.  Always before the kids got home from school, the workout was very welcomed by that time of day. It was a way to break it up, get moving, and sweat it out physically while I strategized and thought through work things.

But with all of the “extra” that comes with growing a business it has become nearly impossible to get there during the middle of the day. It’s killing me, really. I feel stiff and lethargic. I haven’t even been sleeping as well as I used to. I really do need that physical routine.

So I have been thinking …

Early morning is now making the most sense as the place to regularly fit it in. And boy, have I been trying. More than once over the last few weeks I have set the alarm for 5 … and every single time … I HAVE FAILED. Clearly I am missing the mark for success somewhere…I love to workout, why has this become so hard??

Then, one day a few weeks ago, out of the clear blue, a ray of sunshine informed me on a new routine that they were having success with … an early morning workout with a trainer (5:15 am).

Hmmm, my interest was piqued. I thought on it … and thought, and thought some more. Clearly, I needed some help in getting into a new routine. Clearly I needed to assess why I had not been able to do it myself this past month. And clearly …

I needed to set myself up for success …

And as I thought and thought some more about it, and felt the weakness of a far too sedentary life creeping in on me, I found the answer that I was looking for.  

The only way I was going to mold into my new life and get myself out of bed at such an early time, for me, was going to be a friend and a trainer …

And in my mind I was thinking:

Yup, it is going to be more money than that monthly Y membership.

Yup, no more snuggling down into the covers and changing my mind at 4:50 am …

Yup, I am going to have to shower AND do my hair in the morning, instead of just do my hair (oh the third world problems that I have 🙂 )

But you know what? My health is worth it. My mental well being is worth it. I am worth it. If I am in a good place, then everything around me is in a good place, and that matters too.

So, today was day 1! And I have to say that by the time I threw on my sneakers, and walked through the door of Elevate (which by the way is only a stone’s throw from my house in the village), I knew that this was going to be the right choice for me.  

I walked in from the dark morning, and into the light of the open gym, right into the arms of my friend and new trainer. This was going to work. This was going to be the answer to keep me moving while I navigate a new chapter.

I knew that my office was going to change, my day to day work role was going to change, and my bank account was going to change. But I had no idea that my workout routine was going to change. And like any change, there are always things that come up that you didn’t anticipate.  There are things you have to work around, work with, and work without. The choice is how are you going to do it.

Hurdle #478 officially jumped over. Man I feel better already and am gazing down the track looking to jump over the next. What’s it going to be?

All I am going to say is that sweating feels so good. And I am so glad that I figured it out, at least I am pretty sure, and it is back in my life.

Cheers to working out!! If you aren’t moving, get moving.  

Figure out what it is that will get you out of the chair and into a daily habit of sweat! Good luck, I will be cheering you on from Greenwich 🙂

With Love,