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Happy Halloween!

October 30, 2022

The kids don’t trick-or-treat anymore, and the costumes are hidden away in the attic.

But we will carve a pumpkin tomorrow afternoon and light it tomorrow night because…

…it’s still Halloween!  And for any sweet tooth candy hound like myself, it’s an excuse to eat candy like it’s your business!

So that’s what I will be doing today, Monday, October 31.  Preparing for my trick-or-treaters–who this year will be treated with full-size 100 Grand Bars, and my neighbors, who traditionally come over and we celebrate on the front stoop.

It’s always fun, and even though the kids are old and I don’t have to run around coming up with the finishing touches for their costumes, it is still fun and an excuse to be merry, even on a Monday.

Here’s to Halloween 2022!  And here are some favorite pics I have from Halloween past.

And remember, Tuesday is when you can start the sugar detox, but don’t worry about it until then. 🙂

With love,