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Here are my 3 Valentines

Showing the love February 13, 2022

Here are my 3 Valentine’s!

Tyler, Jacob, and Sam.

To be honest, Valentine’s Day is a day that I am challenged with. 

Not because I don’t believe in telling people that you love them, but because I know, for just as many people who are feeling the love today, many more are feeling just the opposite, very unloved. 

It makes me sad.

Maybe today, you should consider showing love toward someone who may not be expecting anything from anyone today.

It’s not about buying flowers and chocolate on one day, but showing consideration to your people every day.  Starting today.

It’s thank you and I am sorry.

Holding the door open, serving someone a meal, and starting their car on a cold winter’s morning without being asked.

It’s giving your time to someone, having a cup of coffee with them, enjoying a conversation, or a walk.

Whatever the love is, provide it consistently, not just on Valentine’s Day.

Start your week off well, and go show someone love, today.

With love to EVERYONE,