Every farmer needs them ...

Here’s to the Support Staff

It isn't easy April 30, 2023

A farmer is not slow, lazy, or inconsiderate.   

However, a farmer always thinks they can get one more thing done before they have to return to the house to clean up and go somewhere. Whether it be to a wedding or funeral, family gathering or church meeting… there is always one more thing to do before.

But speaking as a support staff member, I know you better be ready, because just when you think they are going to be late, watch out!  

They come flying into the driveway on two wheels. They leave their barn boots on the back porch and shed their farm clothes, hanging them on the hook to be ready for later.   

They jump into the shower, do a quick scrub, and before you know it the shower is turned off and there is a flurry of activity up in the bedroom. As they slide into their clothes, tucking their shirt, zipping their pants, all the while combing their hair flat with their fingertips. 

Down the stairs they thunder, grab their jackets, and out the door they go. They get into the car, turn the ignition on and look around… for you.

Why does the farmer always manage to get into the car before you do? Probably because you have done everything possible to prepare for the mad dash so that everyone can be ready to go, on time. 🙂 

Happy Spring! It’s that time of year when the real busy season starts… and your farmers will start pushing every moment of the day to the max… I hope you are prepared! LOL

Here’s to all of the farm support staff! You are the ones that get it done!

Happy Monday in springtime!

With love,