I believe in the power of positivity

February 26, 2023

I believe in the power of positivity.  I BELIEVE in the power of the team.  And I believe in the strength of a village.

It takes all of us.

We are in the thick of playoff season, and our boy’s varsity basketball team survived their first sectional match-up.  Greenwich, 5 cede, was able to eliminate the four cede.  It was a nail-biter, as we did not take the lead until the last 4 minutes of the game, and then we won by only 4.   

The boys got the baskets and did the work. The fans cheered and cheered and cheered, letting them know loud and clear that we were there with them.  We would not let them lose the game…and they didn’t.  🙂 

Positivity matters.

This team has grit, and they are fighters. They will win. As the spectators, we must stand together with them in every play and fight ourselves, for them, to the very end. We cannot give up!

Our voices get hoarse. Our hands are clenched.

Crowd energy goes up with a fast break, and the energy level can go down as the score tips the other way.  But we cannot falter in our support. The players can feel it! They need to hear it!

Fight, fight, fight!  Persevere and fight some more!

It’s unity when a village comes together.  Everyone is standing next to each other, yelling together as one voice to encourage, raise, and push forward.  

We will not let you fall…you are our team.

Parental strategizing and team dinners.  Pats on the back and words of encouragement. Hugs…and mom speeches.

We will not let you fall, team.

We will march onto the semi-finals Monday night–Greenwich playing the one cede; we will be together with you.

The team the team the team…

And when the firetrucks escort your school bus back into town, your village will hear it, they will go out onto their porches, drivers will beep their horns and wave and say, welcome home to your village…we are here for you, we will support you…cheering you on every step of the way!  

Because we know you got some more winning left in you!

And I will end with what I started with: 

“I believe in the power of positivity.  I BELIEVE in the power of the team.  And I believe in the strength of a village.”

Go Greenwich boys basketball!  Fight, fight, fight to the bitter end!

With Love,
Mrs, Ziehm