I Feel Fall…

September 19, 2019

It’s on the brink … pushing out the waning summer sun.

Mesmerizing me like a trance, it beckons me outside. 

Quietly I slip out, burners off, things on hold– for just a bit while I indulge.

Carried by the wind I hear the geese calling in the distance, their tireless voices ushering in the change of the season. 

It’s here.

There is a golden haze beginning to hover over the hills and along the hedgerows. 

It won’t be long before winter’s sleep. Not yet…

I pause, as I remembered the red foliage starting to blush along the old stone wall that winds its way down the less-traveled road.

I smell wood smoke drifting on the cool evening air, beckoning me. I conjure up the memories of crackling wood and warmth sitting by the wood stove. 

Reflective, I begin my walk … a little tingle in my heart as I wonder at the beauty of this time of day, this place in the beginning of fall.

The sun has set, the day is done, and the last bit of light yawns before the darkness covers.

Forward I go …

Hands deep in my coat pockets, my hair rustles in the cool evening breeze. I hear leaves skitter at my feet with an occasional crackle as I step on one.  

Lights come on in the houses with the hum of dinner hour, homework in full swing.

I have managed an escape, for just a moment, to set out and be a part of it: this most beautiful time of day where everything comes together.

Always my favorite, a time to step out and just be an observer, under the cover of a darkening sky.  A moment to think, a moment to breathe and reflect after a busy day.

I stand now, tucked under an old maple tree, looking out over the thin band of light still peeping over the western horizon. It won’t be long now.

There, I lean in and just breathe; in and out, in and out … in awe. That little tingle lying within me surfaces, while I am quiet and removed; in the midst of this beauty … for just a moment.

Thankful that I have had this day. Thankful that I have a full life waiting for me back in the kitchen …

… thankful for this moment … feeling fall.

With Love,

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