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Integrity Clause

Look for Inspiration October 23, 2022

The idea of an integrity clause.

This past week, The Morning Ag Clips welcomed Kate Forrer as the newest member of our team.  Her role is filling the position of the Executive Director of the Vermont Woodlands Association for us.

On behalf of the team and myself, we would like to extend a warm welcome to her.  She is a breath of fresh air, her arrival coming on the heels of a very big, transitional year for the Vermont Woodlands Association and the Morning Ag Clips itself.  

Through the new hire process, my conversations with Kate F. helped me recognize the delicate balance of trust that has to happen between an employee and an employer. 

An employment contract doesn’t necessarily mention that. 

It shouldn’t be only about outlining the salary and benefits on paper.  It should also be about “good faith” between the two parties, without the lawyer-speak.  It says to the employee; I will take care of you through thick and thin to help you provide the best possible life for yourself and your family.

It says to the employer; I will perform my job to the best of my abilities, representing you and your company with the utmost respect and integrity to ensure a profitable future for both the company and the clients.

I will be working on refining this concept of an integrity clause moving forward. I am thinking it through and will add something to that effect when we go through our annual review process and make it part of our new-hire contract.

After all, we want to feel safe when we take these big leaps in our careers. I want to help.   

I also wanted to connect this week about inspiration and how it can come at odd times when we least expect it.  

Maybe last Monday night, when I sat at the National Honor Society induction ceremony, I was particularly receptive to listening.  When one of my son’s peers stood up and spoke about the meaning of the leadership pillar as it pertained to the National Honor Society code of conduct, I was inspired.   So much so that it caused me to measure myself while listening and, after, to consider.

This brings me to the rest of the onboarding of Kate F. last week.  The timing of my inspiration at the Honor Society induction was perfect.  As Kate and I went through her 5-30-60-90-day plan, I thought about inspiration time.  It’s hard to plan on being inspired, but I figured we could at least try to set aside some time to look for it.   It dawned on me that a person in a leadership role should be given time to look for inspiration through special meetings with colleagues, courses, or quiet time. It would benefit all of us.

Both Kate F. and I agreed, yes. We wanted to make it a priority to make inspiration part of the plan. The goal is to feed the fire within ourselves to keep our momentum going.  I need to do this too.

Together, we came up with a strategy to find one person or one activity to do every month that will help to keep the brain engaged and exploring new directions.  We shall see where it takes us, won’t we, Kate?

It was a busy, out-of-the-normal, and necessary week.  Here’s to a long and lasting relationship, Kate F.!  So happy to have you here with us.

And, a tickle to remind you all that the new Morning Ag Clips App (MAC App) has gone to the app store for review and approval! My fingers are crossed, hoping that it gets shooed in with no troubles at all–so we can get it into the hands of all of you.  🙂 

With love,