It all starts with an idea … and a little dirt

March 28, 2021

Remember last summer, when I interviewed Brittany, and we referenced something new coming?

Well, it’s about here!

After many meetings and brainstorming sessions, countless ideas, sketches and plans, we are ready to launch a campaign that will get this idea out of our heads and onto your fingertips.

You see, this idea of ours has been percolating in our minds and around the office now for almost six years? Can you believe it??!!

It stems from a comment that popped out of Brittany’s mind one day in the office as she was putting in her clips.

That idea is called the Daily Dirt. Can you dig it?

We thought that it would be great to have a “Morning Ag Clip” that was geared toward the backyard gardener — helping to keep dirt lovers “in the dirt” and engaged all year round with tips for growing, educational pieces, and links to what might be going on around them or on the web virtually for workshops, seminars and more!

How exciting! A seed of possibility was planted all those years ago, and we are now ready to help it grow.

Will you help us?

Coming soon, we will have details on our plan, and how it can involve you!

Here’s our logo to help get your minds thinking and excited about what’s to come.

You will also get a firsthand peak at what it’s like to get something so big launched and off the ground! No easy feat!

What can you do now? Well, you can go ahead and like us and follow us on our social media pages. It’s a start so that the family of gardners can grow and watch our plan come to fruition. Share, comment and stay connected. That is going to be the biggest help in the next few weeks.

Watch for ads and announcements with calls to action. Don’t worry, we won’t let you miss anything!

I have faith, do you? We are about ready to jump off a cliff and put it out there.

Jump with us and watch this thing grow! Can you dig it?