Consuming knowledge

It’s a podcast kind of world

In the 21st Century February 5, 2023

It’s a podcast kind of world, helping us to collect many grains of sand along the way.

With busy schedules and minimal time, it’s nice to multitask by taking information auditorily.  

Recently I have had the opportunity to speak with 2-podcasters and be a guest on their shows.  

It was a lot of fun!  Thank you, Chrissy Wozniak of North American Ag and Matt Brechwald of Off Farm Income.

I will be honest; what goes through my mind is why would anyone want to talk with me and then put the conversation “out there”?  A little insecure voice still surfaces in my mind. It awakens after years of dormancy when I was 15 and super worried about what others were thinking about me all the time.  

Let that go, mind.

It’s not a bad thing to share your story, you just never know who it might help, as they may be experiencing something similar. Your perspective and the tools you used to get through it, go over it, around it, and under, might just ring a bell for them.  


But it’s odd to me, how much we hold in our minds, that we think the rest of the world is privy to? In actuality, there is an entire dialogue going on in the minds of each and every one of us constantly. Sometimes it’s confusing to remember what we put out there for another human to hear and what we have held inside.

And the mind plays tricks on us, allowing us to think our fears will be exposed and others will pounce on our inadequacies at any opportunity that they can.  

They won’t. I believe in the power of human kindness. And truthfully, no one thinks that much about you—at least not nearly as much as you think about yourself. 

People have their problems, joys, and insecurities, floating around in their minds, their own dialogues. We are fleeting thoughts amidst a sea of worries and details consuming all human beings, all the time.

As it should be.

So when I am asked my thoughts, to talk on a podcast with another human, I go back to that… why would anyone care, Kate?

Because they do, for a fleeting moment.  

And that’s all we have, are moments. We make the most of them, hope that in those short conversations, we find a thread of connection that can be pulled out among a tapestry of beautiful, and not so beautiful threads.  

We are souls who share a look, a knowingness, and we take it away with us.  Always processing, and boiling it down to a grain of sand that we can collect, with all of the other grains of sand…collected by listening and experiencing throughout our lives.

With love,