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It’s the little things… Thanksgiving 2021

to the overlooked November 23, 2021

It’s the little things that give me the energy to get through every day. I am so thankful for them.

I thought I would honor those this Thanksgiving.  It seems that the big things always get the attention.  I am grateful for the big things like my kids, family, friends, and health.  I recognize that what keeps me happy in my day-to-day life are these little joys that get me out of bed every day.

A walk and coffee in the morning with my friends.

Talking to the dog.

A “bug hug” from my 6 foot 2 boy!!

Being able to wake up and put 2 feet on the ground and move–I am alive!

Watching Jacob and Sam play basketball.

A hot cinnamon roll with butter melted on top!  Yummmm!

Laughing, a lot!  

Taking the dog to the bank.

Cutting flowers from my garden and then smelling them.

Sitting in an Adirondack chair by the lake.

Flannel sheets and a view of the church steeple out my bedroom window on a full moon night.

Doing yard work with the kids on a Saturday.

Sitting by a fire in the fireplace.  

A walk up on Louse Hill and taking a moment to count blessings.

Picking up a salamander in the woods.  

The seat warmer in my car—joy, very thankful.

Sitting down to play my piano with a cup of hot tea in the evening.

The first sip of an amaretto sour.

Looking things up in my astrology book for a friend.

Walking over to the Village Cafe for lunch.

Finding a perfect gift for someone.

Putting on a great pair of shoes with my favorite jeans.

And a hug!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Be thankful for the little things that carry you through life every day.

With love and thankfulness,