Knowing when to cut your losses

Let it go October 18, 2020

‘Tis the season of the fireplace… fall.

Or for me, the season of the un-fireplace.

My brick person decided to skip town and left the job un-working and un-finished.  Hence, the reason for the un-enjoyment of our fireplace this year.

Yesterday I made the decision to cut my losses and forget about it.  After 6 months of haphazardly chasing it (when I remembered to) I figured I would just be done worrying about it and thinking about it. The unproductive thoughts were not serving me well and the disruption of my time made it even less worth it to me. Time to move on and find someone else to fix it.

I also figured that in order for a person to abandon a job that was paid for and left in huge disarray this person had to be in a far worse state of affairs than I could ever imagine being in. Maybe they needed someone to look away?

Although leaving a job unfinished is not the course of action I would take, there might just be some desperate times and measures that I am not completely privy to… and maybe, just maybe, by letting this person off the hook, they will find the strength to get through whatever it is that they need to get through and be able to get back on course a little faster. 

Good luck, brick person. I hope that in some small way I was able to help.  I know you are a good person deep down inside.  

I used to know someone who was constantly reliving the negative.  He woke up everyday, heavy, thinking about the last person who did him wrong.  When he got tired of thinking about that person he moved on to the person who left him high and dry before that, and before that, and before that, etc., etc., etc. Do you get the picture? The high and dry kept following him around like a rain cloud, filtering into the very thread of his being. Did you know that they ALL seemed to be out to get him?  

It was like carrying the weight of the world around every day.  Heavy.

How does one person attract so many bad beings?

I think it’s time, neighbor, to let all those “leave them high and dry” people go.  What do you think?

My reality is that I only have so much time.  Such precious time.  

I want to be out enjoying the sunshine and my kids.  I want to feel full when we circle around the picnic table after a morning of doing yard work and eat lunch together.  I want to smell the morning dew on a field of alfalfa, and sit on my porch and watch the sunset.  Call me naive, but I am happy to cut my losses and know when to move on, willingly and in my heart.

I write this today because a friend of mine lost a friend of hers this past week to lung cancer…at the age of 46, never smoked a day in her life.  

Precious.  Time.

Every day, every minute, every thought is a gift.   Spend on your positive, it will be fulfilling and you will walk through your days free.  Spend on your negative, and you will be imprisoned by the iron bars of your own thoughts forever.

Maybe, on this Monday, there is something that you can cut?  Today.  To be free.

With love and blessings,