Memories ...

Ladybug Picnic

Sometimes it’s just nice to be able to go back, and have something familiar to dust off in the corners of our minds December 13, 2023

“1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9, 10-11-12 ladybugs, at the ladybug picnic.” 

Are there any Sesame Street people out there?

I grew up on it. Every morning after breakfast, my sisters and I would tune in while my mother got things in order for the day.

At the oddest times, it comes back to me.  Something triggers a memory.

Like today, Sesame Street poked me, and coming out of its long slumber was the Lady Bug Picnic song. 

Youtube is a beautiful thing.  Within a minute of me breaking out into song for the office crew, Elisa had it up and playing on her computer.  I think Chandler recognized it, but other than that, it was just me.  Am I getting old?

Seeing it was like an old friend.  And if I didn’t have places to go and things that needed to be done, I would have sat there and gotten sucked into other Sesame Street ditty’s that I could have found on Youtube.

Sometimes, it’s nice to go back and have something familiar to think about, dusting off old memories stored in the corners of our minds.

During the holidays, a season of reflection, here’s Sesame Street to remember today.  Enjoy!

(T-minus 11 days ’til the big day!)

With love,