Let’s Get Snappin’

April 5, 2020

We may not be snappin’ around town, or in the air, to the movies or to other far off places, but over the last few weeks we have taken the opportunity to get some other things snappin’ within the Morning Ag Clips. 

Social media…

It has been a breath of fresh air, in the midst of all the chaos and sadness going on in the world, to find something constructive to stay focused on and work through.

Our goal has always been to make your life easier — local and national ag news at your fingertips every morning.

But what does that look like for everyone? What is easy for one, might be more cumbersome for another. Is the most effective way to deliver your Morning Ag Clips through your email (the current delivery method)?

When all else fails, we go to work, and figure out the answers!

Over the past year we have been working up to increasing our visibility on social media. We have gradually been adding regular posts to our facebook state pages, and trying to tag and follow other ag organizations. But we realize there is so much more than Facebook.

For some of you, it is Facebook.  But for others it is Instagram, and for the younger crowd: Snapchat, Youtube.

How do we choose?  All of our audiences are important to us.

So for us, we didn’t choose. All accounts are open, and it’s an all systems go!  

Here we go, the heavy lift of getting these accounts up and off the ground, humming … please help us and connect!  See what works for your lifestyle and stay connected with the Morning Ag Clips. It’s a little bit news, a little bit fun — we think you will like at least one option.

Snapchat:     Use the snap code on the featured image



Just Me Kate Instagram:

Morning Ag Clips Instagram:

This is our attempt to make your life even easier, at your fingertips. Let us know what you think. 🙂

Embrace my friends!

Here’s to staying healthy, quarantined, and sane during this very strange time.  

With love,