Here's to 2023 ...

Livin’ Skinny

What's your word? January 8, 2023

It feels like he just got home and is already returning to school.  Take good care of him this semester, Purdue!  We miss him when he leaves.

I would love to say that the holidays treated us well this year, but the fact is that our family went from the flu to very bad colds over the course of the two weeks that encompassed Christmas and the new year!  It was one of those ridiculous years that all of us have a few times over the course of our lifetimes.  Well, I am here to say it was our turn this year.

I finally reset our health with a polar plunge on January 1st, cough and all. It got me back up and going for the new year; you can’t beat a cold water dunk!

And this brings me to my phrase for 2023.  Drum roll, please…it’s going to be “live skinny.”

This phrase has been coming for a while now, and here is why:

I turned 48 a few weeks ago, and I think that I have finally realized that keeping my diet in check will be normal for the rest of my life.  Time to embrace it, I guess.  I need to be vigilant in weighing in and stepping on the scale every morning. Healthy choices need to always be on my mind.  I am not 25 anymore…weight gets put on, and it loves me so much it doesn’t want to leave.  😉  So bring it on!  This change in my mindset is important to the “living skinny” mantra.  

It’s not just about weight though.  Live skinny is also about not being wasteful.  Turn off lights when you leave a room, eat all the leftovers in the refrigerator, and ask yourself if what you are buying is needed or wanted.  There is a significant difference that oftentimes gets overlooked.

This is a reaction to the price hikes we have felt over the last year.  The economy feels a bit uncertain to me.  The current state makes me pause every time I go to my wallet for my credit card to make a purchase.  I think this phrase is a good reminder for the kids too. Live skinny with your money, and keep it in the bank as much as possible.

And to end this article, I just want you to know that I love doing projects with my three kids.  At the end of this week, we finally felt well enough to muster the energy to tackle a bathroom project. It entailed demolition and when a mom sees her kids working together…it’s magic.  Thank you, Tyler, Jacob, and Samuel.  Even though you still managed to poke fun at dear old Mom, I appreciated it!

Here’s to a great week!

With love,