Good Bye 2020

Looking ahead …

Hello 2021!! December 13, 2020

Looking ahead …

I see opportunities.  Are you going to be ready for them?

As I was putting the finishing touches on the first batch of buckeyes last night, I couldn’t help but think about the year coming up and what it was going to look like for me — and what I want it to look like.

I don’t want to rush you, but have you started thinking about it?

December is a time of birth.  Yes, for us in the Northeast it’s about going into our season of cold and winter storms; it’s about hunkering down and staying inside. Feels far from such things as birth and renewal.

Ahhh … but it’s a great time to plan and to visualize your future.  

As I start to consider 2021, I want you to as well. Put pencil to paper and make it happen.

A favorite cross-stitch sampler that a friend of mine has hanging on her wall is what you see here:

“Don’t wait for your ship to come in – swim out after it.”

Whether it’s a shift you need to make within your job, going to a new job or career, a dynamic in your family or friend base that needs a change, or even your own mindset, this saying applies.

Figure out what it is you want your life to look like and get a plan together on how you are going to get there.

We can all talk about a plan, but not all of us can make it and then implement … or follow it through to the end.

What about you?

So, as you wrap holiday gifts, put your photo books together and bake your Christmas cookies, think about 2021 and how you are going to get it done … whatever it may be.

I have faith that you can make it happen, do you?

Cheers to December 14th.  Ten more baking, wrapping and shopping days to go! 

My I wish these photo books would get themselves done.  😉

With love,