My Dad keeps us afloat

June 19, 2022

My Dad keeps us afloat.

It’s a very difficult job, but somebody has to do it!

Always the caregiver, Dad, constantly goes about making sure that everything gets done for us.  Property management is his forte.  🙂 

When things get tough, he is apt to hand us a $20 bill, or start doing some task to help, under mom’s direction, anything to restore our happiness.

If we are hashing over a problem he will sit and listen to my mother’s solutions. Then will give a try at getting our minds off of our troubles with a conversation meant to turn the attention to other things.  He’s a very effective distractor at times.

Dad’s world is his family, and he never lets us down.  Ever. (Thank you, Dad)

He routinely stops to check in with people; family, and close friends.  And makes any stranger feel welcome in our house, talking and always genuinely interested in them and their lives.

Yes, as little girls we could always expect the once-a-week trip around the house when he would tell us to pick our stuff up or he would throw it down the cellar stairs.  LOL

And let’s not forget that he will tell us that we need to be somewhere at least half an hour earlier than we actually need to be.  Remember the wedding that you got us there 2 hours early for, Dad?  I thought I was going to go batty! 

Dad hands us the handkerchief when we need to blow our noses for allergies or tears, fills the car up with gas before we leave, and worries about the dogs far more than we will ever know.

He bails the boat out, comes to give us a boat tow when we run out of gas, and makes us laugh about Chi Chi bugs, especially when he does the Chi-Chi bug dance in front of the fireplace.

Dad is funny.

He’s ready with the chainsaw, rake, and trailer for any outside project and a drink at 5 o’clock. 

And I don’t know anybody who makes a more detailed list and gets to the bottom of it every day as he does. 

He builds a great fire, stacks a mean pile of wood, and makes sure that the grandchildren have plenty of snacks when he comes into town.

Honestly, I don’t know that anyone worries about us driving more than our father, either.  No wonder he has very little hair.  It all fell out when we got behind the wheel!

He is content, sensitive, and extremely loyal.  

And one of the things that I admire most about my father is that he always does something rather than nothing. And that something is always followed by his afternoon nap on the couch.

I feel so blessed to have a Dad that keeps us all afloat.  We are a lot at times.  🙂

But I just wanted to say Happy Father’s Day Dad, I love you, and appreciate you every day…even though sometimes I show up late!

With love,
Katie Carrot