Peeps and J.M. Fields

Remember when March 27, 2023

It’s Easter season, and I do love Easter candy!

When I think of Easter, it always comes back to my sisters and me spending Easter at my grandparent’s house on Cross Street with my cousins and the EB!

Easter egg hunts, the ham dinner, and going to church are solidly there in my mind with pictures to boot!

But, in a close second for memories is my mother, J.M. Fields Department Store, and Peeps!

Even though she doesn’t necessarily act the gregarious eater of candy like me, my mother knows how to appreciate candy in a more quiet sort of way, and that is definitely where I got my sweet tooth.

Regarding Easter, one of my earliest and fondest memories was going to the old J.M. Fields Department Store in Concord, later bought by Bradlees, with my mother around Easter time.

This was back when you could only find Peeps at Easter, so they were a real treat.  

The ritual was that my mother and I would go into the store and get a shopping cart, and then a box of Peeps, in one fell swoop. We couldn’t wait to tear into the box, so as we shopped, we would eat the Peeps, and then pay for an empty box at the cash register.  🙂

J.M. Fields Department Store is long gone, and my days of fitting into the shopping cart are obsolete.   But the memory is still there, fondly sitting in my mind.

I am not sure if Peeps are truly my favorite Easter candy or if it’s the fun time I spent with my mother, shopping at the old Department Store. 

With sugar on my fingertips and an empty box sitting next to me, life was easy.  Protected by my mother pushing the cart, my biggest worry was if we would be able to buy a box to take home with us.  

Either way, not a box of Peeps slips by me that I don’t think of that memory…

Happy Easter Season!

With love,