Words of wisdom November 14, 2019

Someone in my world lost their grandmother this week.

It made me think of my own grandparents. How I miss them all so much. How I wish I could share with them my children and my life. 

Oh how much I long for their thoughts, their wisdom…just one more visit.

I must have already been running along a nostalgic vein this week because the song that was in my heart was Preacher, by One Republic.  

It reminds me particularly of my mother’s father, Grampa.  He was funny and loving, a great story teller.  Grampa had a real acumen for business and people; alway very quietly giving.

And he always had something to say that made me think.

This song reminds me of him. It feeds my feelings that I believe that my grandparents are my angels, who are never far away.

They do the battle behind the scenes, every day, protecting me from myself, pushing me forward to be better, do better.  They show me love around every corner.

I am so grateful for the short amount of time that I had with them. But even more grateful that I carry them with me every day. The bright ones, and the dark.  I never feel alone …

Here is the refrain…and link above to the song’s music video.

“When I was a kid, my grandfather was a preacher
He’d talk about God, yeah he was something like a teacher
He said God only helps those
Who learn to help themselves
He was a million miles from a million dollars
But you can never spend his wealth…”   

What’s the song in your heart this week?

It’s nice to have a song that you gravitate to for awhile. A song puts words and a rhythm to feelings in your soul. A melody to hum along to, and keep you company as you walk through your days … or workout with you at 5:00 am every morning. (Yes, I am still dragging myself out of bed!)    🙂

Have a great weekend!

With Love,