Putting it in perspective

June 21, 2018

Did anyone notice on Tuesday there was a little mystery holiday marked on their Google Calendar called Juneteenth?

A month ago 2 of my friends and I, decided to set our monthly lunch date on Juneteenth.  We laughed at the thought of another holiday commemoration that we had no idea existed, and I wondered if maybe google made it up just to keep us engaged and active on their google platform.

We ate our lunch on the 19th, but it wasn’t until this morning that I really learned what Juneteenth represented.

Anyone know?  I bet those in Texas do…

It was the day that Texas emancipated their slaves….2 ½ years after Lincoln did!  

June 19, 1865.

Although it didn’t take 2 years for the information that Robert E. Lee surrendered to the Union to arrive in Texas, that only took a month and a half.  But by today’s standards, a very long time.

The reason that I write this today is that I have been thinking lately.  This topic that I wanted to bring to your attention, you know is a problem.  I figure if I bring it up, it might just bring you a little closer to a change in mindset.

We live in a world where everything seems to come to us immediately.

News is always at our fingertips, we can get to any kind of food we want, either by car or by mail, we can download any song that we want (no waiting for the album to get to the record store), and we are constantly connected with our loved ones.  I wonder, does anyone truly know what it is like to miss someone anymore?

We live with instant gratification.

Be mindful.  Just when you feel like you aren’t getting a fast enough response from someone on the other end of the text, or you forgot your phone at home and are feeling stressed… think of Juneteenth.

The Texans didn’t even know that the war had ended for a month and a half after the fact.  

And they survived.

Try, just a little, to exercise some patience with yourself and others.  It’s no secret, stress levels are higher than ever…I personally, think it has to do with that little thing called a cell phone–it allows the instant gratification thing to live and thrive.

Really, it’s not healthy, don’t let it consume you.

Happy Summer everyone!  The longest day of the year–my favorite!