Someone has to do it

Quality Control and a Case of Kryptonite

Hooked June 5, 2023

Oh, Henry Bars.  My my my, Oh Henry Bars… you got me last week.

Memorial Day Weekend was spent vacationing up in New Hampshire, and unfortunately, Trixie could not go with us.

Alas, I have great neighbors, and Christian came to the rescue! He and Trixie hung out together all weekend.

I decided to make my sweet tooth comrade Christian one of my favs, Oh Henry Bars, for all of his hard work watching the dog.  I hadn’t made these bars in quite a while, but I remembered that they were really good.

Let’s say it was a bad scene in my kitchen last week.  I now remember why I hadn’t made Oh Henry Bars in a while.

It started with me making an age-old rookie mistake (or was it?). I am sure many of you know this trap I fell prey to. Someone had to sacrifice and ensure the product was okay to give away. It really came down to a quality control issue. Much to my chagrin, I was the sacrificial lamb, and I had to take a little taste of the base layer.

One taste wasn’t enough, and I decided that I must be sure what I was tasting was really as good as I thought it was. That taste led to another and another, and before I was through with it, the 9 x 13 pan that the recipe called for was down to only requiring an 8 x 8 pan. Oh well, there was no way that Christian could eat an entire 9 x 13 pan anyways–so I was really doing him a favor by only making an 8 x 8 portion.  I am brilliant! 

After I baked the 8 x 8 pan of bars, I made the frosting. It was perfect! But figured I should try the entire bar together to ensure the flavors married well… again, quality control.  Big surprise!  They did!  It truly was a match made in heaven for me–and I proceeded to test the marriage again and again and again!  

Like an addiction to a drug, these Oh Henry Bars made me high. I couldn’t stop.  All I did for two days was eat the entire pan with the exception of 2 pieces.  Do you know how many calories I consumed???

And poor Christian was left hanging, never getting his bars until Saturday–when I finally could muster up the courage to make another pan and leave them in his hands quickly, like a hot potato, thank you, god! I could barely break the pan free from my clutch as I passed it off to him.  I wanted so desperately to eat pan number 2!

Oh Henry, your bars I find completely delectable!  They truly are my kryptonite, and to anyone else out there who loves oats, sugar, peanut butter, and chocolate–do not try these things–or else you too will fall, as I did!  I pray, don’t do it!!!

Crumbingly yours,