Shouldn’t this be what winter is all about

February 2, 2020

Shouldn’t this be what winter is all about? Walking hand in hand with someone in the snow. I loved this picture when I saw it years ago in a consignment store that I frequent often. Now, it hangs in my home during the winter, reminding me that it’s not all about hibernation and cold. Rather, it can be about slowing down and taking in the gray and cold together with someone.


Oh the “romantic” always gets the best of me.  My mind lives in a fairytale somedays…

I just wanted to connect with everyone and make sure that you are all getting through the dark months okay. It’s not easy. When the gray sets in it can be REALLY hard to get out of the funk. If only we all could spend a week in the tropics to break up the winter… but it’s just not possible.

Instead we have to slog through the days until the sun comes out and the green pops up. The fresh smell of dirt, the sweet sound of the birds chirping in the fields, and the warm breeze ushering in the spring. And, say, what’s that I hear? Is it the sound of a mower in the distance? It’s coming, my friends, hang on just a little longer!

In my family we are currently focused on basketball and FFA competitions. It’s about keeping the laundry moving, the driveway shoveled, and the chocolate at bay. (Dear god, please make me stop!)

The Morning Ag Clips team is busy getting through the frantic first year of acquiring a business and bringing it under the fold. A little more intense than I had imagined but we are getting through it. There are many days where we feel as if we are chasing our tails around the office and that we will never feel the “normal” day again. I keep reminding everyone, “a year from now it’s going to look a lot different. Hang on tight gang!!” And luckily, they do.

With meetings and newsletters, lobby days and new accounts, the organization is endless, the energy is crazy. We don’t have time this year to get sucked into the winter blues. A blessing I keep reminding them. 🙂

But that’s not all that is hopping. My middle son, Jacob, has joined a fundraising team to benefit the American Cancer Society. More information to come next week…it’s going to be a Just Me, Jacob kind of a Monday. He can tell you what he is doing and why we would love to have any of you donate if you feel so inclined.

I am very proud of what their team, Maeve’s Miracles, has pledged to donate between now and March 13th. However, it does require a lot of planning and support by the families. But we are getting the hang of it. It’s for a great cause and that is what drives us.  Most of us are affected by cancer in some way. I am hoping that in my lifetime a cure will be found. So we keep working away at it…one dollar at a time.

And, Super Bowl Sunday is upon us. Yes, to answer your question, for those of you who know I am a die hard Patriots fan, I am very disappointed to not have skin in the game tonight…. BUT, I must say, I feel a bit more relaxed going into it. I have nothing to lose tonight, I really don’t care who wins… although I do feel a little tug towards Jimmy G.”Q”… 🙂 After all, he was a Patriot…an apprentice to the best.

Stay well my friends. Get out of the funk if you are in the thick of it. Do something different today—go get an ice cream cone maybe. Go for a drive with a hot cup of coffee, turn the music up loud and just sing.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, go for a walk with someone and hold their hand…if for no other reason then to commune with someone and know that you are not alone, during these cold winter months.

With love and warmth,