Perspective Travel

It’s a Matter of Pride

June 11, 2023

Cleaning camp and driving tractors to school. It’s that time of year, I’m spreading myself in between my home and my camp. Both are anxiously awaiting my planting of flowers, my cleaning up the deck furniture, my dusting away the cobwebs, that have collected all winter. It’s hard. Sometimes I scratch my head and wonder, why do I do all of this? Run around like a crazy woman…


Walking the Split Rail Fence

April 18, 2021

It would keep us occupied for hours, walking that old split rail fence at my grandparents’ house. The fence was the boundary between their house and the park. It was also a balance beam for me and my cousin. It seemed so giant and high off the ground. Getting on, upright, and balanced was the most challenging part. How hard it usually is to begin. When navigating the…