Things Can Be Funny

May 23, 2021

Sometimes things are just funny … yet so telling in a truthful, honest way. Saturday, Stephanie and I attended the New Hampshire Maple annual meeting. Yes! It was our first event with people since the start of Covid, and it felt so nice and free! I enjoyed the connection with my home state. It was comfortable, and it felt eerily familiar, in a way that I couldn’t put…


Special Cows, Special Cow Families

November 1, 2020

When Margaret cheered in the office the other day upon receiving the digital copy of her professional cow photo, I went back in my mind. I couldn’t help but think of my days of showing and that professional photo that still sits on my bookshelf.  Pictures are now sent digitally, and they have fancier coloring and touch ups. The cow genetics have exponentially gotten better, but the excitement…