Bird Number 2 Has Left the Nest

August 27, 2023

And he’s off! It has been a week of saying goodbye… and hello. Tears and smiles, hugs…and packing. The ground has been unsteady all summer, but it’s finally firming up again.   And it feels GOOD. Every time a child heads out into the great blue yonder, a piece of a mom’s heart gets torn off and goes with her child. All summer, this piece of my heart has…


Siblings: For Better or Worse

April 23, 2023

(From the archives-It’s been dusted off and polished up) The other day I drove by a local farm. Two of the brothers were out in front of the barn working together.   One brother was on the back of a tractor, and the other brother appeared to be holding something for the project. Seeing them pulled at my heart as I thought of my boys. Were those brothers peacefully…


No one understands, like a dairy farmer…

March 5, 2023

The decision has been made, and a deep sadness permeates everything. There are visions of what life will be, how life will feel.  Emptiness. The last headlock clanks, and the pump stops.  Silence fills every space on the farm. A final cow is loaded, and the truck and trailer head down the laneway and out the gate.  It’s over.  The feed wagon will sit idle, and the birds…