Siblings: For Better or Worse

April 23, 2023

(From the archives-It’s been dusted off and polished up) The other day I drove by a local farm. Two of the brothers were out in front of the barn working together.   One brother was on the back of a tractor, and the other brother appeared to be holding something for the project. Seeing them pulled at my heart as I thought of my boys. Were those brothers peacefully…


Take the plunge

November 20, 2022

Take the plunge!  A Polar Plunge! I did it!  It was fun, it was exhilarating!  I was certainly alive! Yesterday, before the Greenwich Tractor Parade, 5 friends decided to jump in the Battenkill River at the Arlington Covered Bridge to raise money. The cause was the Operation Santa project for our school district.  Each of us donated money, as our “buy in” to be able to take this…