An unexpected guest

The chicken comes to lunch

And we step back in time September 19, 2021

Friday, I had the pleasure of attending a meeting up in Vermont.  Twist my arm; I had to go traveling to one of my favorite places. Sometimes life is so hard.  😉

Kathleen, my co-worker, and I traveled together.  Good company, good conversation.  We always have a pleasant visit whenever we go somewhere.  Thank you, Kathleen! I enjoy our trips.

After the meeting, she asked me if I wanted to go to “one of her favorite little places” for a late lunch on our way back.  Of course, I agreed!  I never pass up food.

And as luck had it, it happened to be a  place that I had wanted to stop at for years!  

It was well worth the wait!  

There is nothing like a little Vermont country store.  

It was an establishment where creaky floorboards wafted the smell of well-worn oak up into your olfactory senses while you walked around.

Big wooden coolers, filled with glass bottled sodas, lined the walls in the back.  They were complete with old pull-down-styled, brass handles.  You just don’t see those anymore!  

The store had every novelty from jars of candy and coffee, soaps, and Madlib’s puzzle books.  What a treat to browse!

We ordered our sandwiches, and I grabbed a cream soda from one of the coolers.  Heading out through the old-styled screened door to the porch, we were greeted by a line of rocking chairs and tables. So rustic and quaint, I could have sat there all afternoon.

And as we bit into our sandwiches a visitor showed up to share our lunch, a chicken.

She was pretty familiar with her surroundings and acted very comfortable weaving her way in and around the chairs and rockers.

You would have thought she owned the place.  (Maybe she did?)

I forgot about technology.  I wasn’t thinking about the long list of emails needing to be tended to.  There was no lamenting about the mountain of laundry that needed to be folded at home.

Instead, I was set back in time.  The place was old-fashioned and genuine.  Nothing ostentatious, just real.

And what made the whole experience so wonderful, was the chicken, that joined us for lunch.

Sneak away, somewhere, if you can.  Whether the excuse is a meeting or another commitment, take a turn off the beaten path to someone’s “favorite little place.”  You never know just what you will find.  And maybe, if you are lucky, a chicken will decide to join you at some point during your journey.

Here’s to Monday!  Now, go get it!

With love,