The Daily Dirt Campaign Launch

April 4, 2022

Dear Readers,

I am excited, and nervous today. Today is the day. The day that we are launching our Daily Dirt campaign which will help to fund our newest endeavor, the Daily Dirt

 “Can you dig it?”

The Daily Dirt “seed” was planted 7 years ago, in a humble office on the Main Street of Greenwich.  As an off-the-cuff comment, it came from Brittany about the need for an email to inform gardeners.   

Aubrey and I both were in agreement. We saw the press releases that came in every day, and many of them were slanted toward the backyard gardener, full of great information, but not quite what our Morning Ag Clips audience wanted.  

On that day, we kept on working.  And it percolated.

Then one day, shortly afterward, Brittany came into work and said, “The Daily Dirt.”

It was that moment, when I knew, it was going to be real.  It was no longer an idea, but it had an identity that I connected with, and legs, that I sensed, were getting ready to run.   

I just didn’t know when.

With any new business, there are twists and turns, changes that come with upheaval, and changes that smooth things over. And that was where the Morning Ag Clips was: young and changing constantly.

At times, the feat seemed insurmountable as we juggled all of the work of brainstorming and planning for the Daily Dirt with all of our other day-to-day tasks of running the Morning Ag Clips.

For me, it has been a balance, of putting time into something that was not giving a dime, only taking many, versus the tried and true, the machine that paid the bills, our Clips.

Over the years, the idea has morphed from a daily email, similar to the Morning Ag Clips model to a resourceful app that will be accessible to gardeners any time, anywhere.

As I reflect today, it’s amazing to me that we are finally watching it, ever so carefully, poke its leader out of the soil.

Our little seed has been shy and cautious.  It has recognized the need to be well-thought-out in its emergence, not wanting to come out prematurely, or too late. But rather at the perfect time.

I feel the time is now.  And we are asking all of our friends and comrades in agriculture to consider giving to this endeavor, to help us bring the Daily Dirt forward, to all of you.

So, I ask, ever so humbly, can you dig it?  Will you help us plant the seed?

With great excitement and appreciation,