Our roots

The significance of a tree

A witness September 7, 2022

The significance of a tree. 

The big old pine has been with me my entire life.  It sits vigilantly by the old road, at the lake.

The pine is not ancient in the way of trees. It’s a tall pine that managed to avoid the clutches of the hurricane back in 1938 when so many of the big pines got blown down and, as a result, still sit at the bottom of the lake. 

On my summer-time walks, the tree gleans from where I was over the winter. The burdens I may still be carrying, the joys I am celebrating. The decisions I am pondering.

When my sister and I walk together, we make it a point to say “hi,” to our tree and tap it for acknowledgment. Sometimes we wonder if it doesn’t need a wake-up.  It’s our way of saying, “We are here for another summer, tree. And we are still walking the old road by the lake.” 

Give us some guidance, we ever so slightly whisper as we walk by.

I’m a bit more ponderous when I am alone on my walk.  As I weigh in on my life, children, family and friends, business, and relationships.

I think about the tree that has watched me walk up and down this road for 47 Summers. All too familiar, but at times, so strange. 

For me, the tree is grounding.  Its huge presence reminds me to return to my roots and remember who I am and what I stand for.  Sometimes I need a reminder. 

So here I am, on one of my many walks, leading to the end of summer 2022.  I’m very thankful for this tree. And I pray, every year, that nobody takes my tree down. I hope it doesn’t fall to the demise of disease or a chainsaw… at least in my lifetime.

The significance of a me.

With love,