Today is …

Hope July 26, 2020

Today is …

… a chance to be better than yesterday.

… laughing and being forced to take a deeper look to find a silver lining.

… a trip to the bank, giving the dog her cookie, and taking a walk.

… the smell of fresh cut hay on a summer evening. 

… sunshine on my face and an overdue breeze finding my sweaty back.

… a look at the inbox, a process to go through, hitting delete.

… a good hug and a long, intense look.

… walking the cows up from the back pasture at chore time.

… the plunk of wild blueberries hitting the bottom of a tin pail.

… catching a stranger’s eye and sharing a moment.

… recognizing where you want to be better … and falling a bit short.

… a phone call you don’t want to make and paperwork that keeps piling up.

… hauling a bag of calf grain out to the hutches.

… throwing bales of hay down from the loft, doing the chores, and planning.

… a sigh as you get into your hot car to go buy groceries.

… a giddy heifer playfully avoiding you outside of the fence.

Today is taking a look at all of the possibilities, scattered at my feet.

With love,