It's all in the mind ...

Top thoughts for this November

Now it's on the paper November 15, 2020

Sometimes it’s nice to do a quick inventory and weigh in on yourself and what’s going on in your mind. Here’s where I’m at; feel free to respond with your list.  

And cheers to a mid-November Monday morning!

Big question on my mind: Why do car salespeople have to be so pushy? 

They treat buying a car like going to the grocery store for food. Just put it in the basket and buy it. The more they push to get me through the checkout line, the more I am going to drag my feet and go sloooow. I will go at my own pace, and please note your forwardness will only put me off.

My love/hate relationship: 4:45 am every Monday through Friday.   

I believe strongly in staying fit, but I hate dragging myself out of bed at the referenced hour of the day. It’s a good thing my workout peeps are all so darn lovable! Thank you Pool Boy, Stud Muffin and Sofie!! Even the grumpiest of your comrades (me) enjoys your humor. And as hard as it is to pull myself out of bed, I am always glad I did.

Daily Battle: Chocolate

Nuff said.

Daily Pleasure: Chocolate 🙂

See above.

Daily Prayer: Love to everyone.

Every day when Trixie and I go for our walk, I think about and visualize the great wide open sky showering everyone with hearts (love). It’s my prayer.

What I am missing: My lake

This summer, it was nice to have somewhere to go that was safe from the pandemic … and out of my house and my little town.

What I am looking forward to: My lake

See above.

What I am watching on Netflix: The Office 

I love every single character — except for maybe Ryan — he is so shallow.

What I love the most about my work: The team that we are!  

We are all very different, yet I feel we each have an appreciation for those differences. I am blessed to look forward to working with them every day! Both the people and the differences. 

Next home improvement project: The front hallway

It’s time for the very ugly old wallpaper that runs along the stairs to go. It’s going to be messy, but it’s time. Then maybe my bathroom …

Greatest disappointment: The Patriots 

Seriously Bill, Cam Newton??

Most excited for: The new JMK website — COMING SOON! CAN’T WAIT!

Most thankful for:  My children  

They are happy and make me smile every day. Even though they tend to poke fun at their mother quite frequently these days, it’s affection … and I love it!

What’s on my stove: Vegetable Bacon Soup 

Really good! If you ask, I might just share the recipe.

The platform that I would speak on today: Giving respect, getting respect.

In particular, as it applies to parenting, but also in the world at large. 

The mad dash: Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving!

Then I will have more time to sit and watch my holiday movies 🙂 (Did somebody say  Hallmark?)

What I am waiting for: Prince Charming

LOL 😉 (I know he’s out there.)

Here’s to all things great and small. They fill our minds and get us through the Fall!

With love,