Getting back to normal

Tractor Parade Central!

We love agriculture November 21, 2021

Finally! After taking a year hiatus due to Covid, the area’s largest Tractor Parade, coming from downtown Greenwich, took place Saturday night, and I daresay it was the best tractor parade yet!

The floats just keep getting better and better. Even Barbie made an appearance in a fancy pink tractor–she is quite a farmer!

But beyond that, it’s a great night of the year to live in the village. 

It’s packed and hard to maneuver, but so joyful and happy. People from all over flock to watch Washington County’s local agriculture parade their much loved and dressed up equipment through the streets of Greenwich, decked out in Christmas decorations. 

It’s special to be a part of. Neighbors and friends stop in for soup and apple bread. Cocktails abound and happiness soars.

I love it! And my baby from Purdue got in just in time, while Sam was on the Greenwich FFA float and Jacob and I manned the corner with friends and family.  

So much fun to kick off the holiday season! Here’s to a Happy Thanksgiving!

Give thanks for all the little things that add up in your life! After all, it’s the little things that make the difference. 🙂