When a Place Speaks

May 16, 2021

When a place speaks to you…

I will never forget that fall day when I had an eerily memorable moment driving through a village.

You see, it wasn’t my village.  It sat 15 minutes west of where I lived at the time.

It was small, and quaint, and fairly busy, with a happy demeanor, and a relaxing little bustle.  The homes were well kept and the trees looked so welcoming while they donned their fall foliage.

I was unhappy at the time, with my job.

In fact, I was doing anything I could think of on that day to procrastinate work, which was no different from most of the days I strung together during that period of time in my life.  The writing was on the wall, really, I just hadn’t quite landed on the right reason or place to leave my job and do something different.

I was newly married and buying my time while I waited to have the kids that we were planning on having.  We were sticking to the plan, 4 years out from marriage.  In my heart, I knew that I was desperately ready to start our family, but my mind was telling me different, so I listened to it…instead of my heart.

On this particular day, my heart must have been open as I sat at the red light in this village, headed for home.  I remember in one fell swoop, I felt a very strong sense of belonging, like “home”.  It was strange and other than knowing that my roots were in NH, I hadn’t had anything come over me in that strong of a sense, ever.  It was so strong, that to this day, I can remember that moment.  Where my car sat, looking up at the light, and the quick left-hand turn I made, on a whim, to prolong my stay in this place. 

My mind immediately went to find a part-time, weekend job at the local gift store, which I knew sat up in the Livery.  It would give me a reason to be here I thought, in this village that felt so much like a home.  

I remember walking in and speaking with the woman, who was moving around the shop, dusting.  “Do you need anyone to work?”  I asked.  “Part-time?”

She was taken aback, I remember her posture, and she quickly asked if I had any retail experience.  I answered, “No”.  Without hesitation, she said, “We don’t need anyone at this time.”

And that was it.  The door was closed and it felt odd…for the moment.

Fast forward, 22 years.

Here, 120 yards away from that very spot where I put my blinker on, I sit, in my home.  What I didn’t know then, but what I do know now, is that there was a plan, that I believe was already in motion.

Before I could get here, I needed to go through many more things, to get to this place, this village, which I now call home.

I am so happy I arrived here, 10 years ago.  Thankful every day that I look up at all of the church steeples that surround and protect my beautiful place, in the heart of a village, that spoke to me so long ago.  It was as if this little village whispered to me, “Kate, you belong here.”

Sometimes the breezes speak to us.  We can’t quite understand what they are saying, but somehow we know, what they are saying is very important.

Listen, carefully and quietly.  Understand that discernment will come in time.  Not on your time, and not necessarily in my time…but in due time, as your life unfolds and your lessons are learned.

Stay well my friends, have a great week, and listen to your breezes.

With love,