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September 2022

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.


When we are at the height of discomfort we tend to dig deeper, and fight more fiercely for who we are and what we want. Our love is purer, our faith more vigilant.  And, on the other side of the pain and discomfort, is an appreciation; a joy to be alive and a conviction that we can do anything we set our minds to doing.…

May 2022

“In our family, we don’t hide crazy … we put it on the porch and give it a cocktail.” – Anonymous


I saw this quote on the dedication page of a book I was reading recently. I loved it because it is our family to a tee! Anything of any substance, that sometimes could be deemed as crazy, is unpacked on the porch (in the summer), and by the fireplace (in the winter). We are talkers and hashers in my family. Cocktails or coffee help us.  🙂 Cheers to a smooth Chianti…


I read your article on daylight savings time. I wonder if we can petition to have this eliminated?

March 16, 2022

As you wrote, you are tired and out of sorts, and for no good purpose. I am in the middle of my lambing season, so you can imagine how I feel between that and the time change! Maybe you can address the possibility of New Yorkers petitioning whoever is “in charge” to get rid of Daylight savings time. What would we have to do? My brother lives in…

January 2022

“I’ve come too far to see the end now even if my way is wrong I keep pushing on and on and on and on” – Imagine Dragons, Nothing Left to Say


Keep moving, just go. It’s a battle this time of year and every day that the cold and gray is set in, I just keep reminding myself to go, go, go, and go a little more! Even if it’s the wrong direction, at least it’s a direction and it’s not stagnation. Keep going … go, go, go, go, go … push on!…

December 2021

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other. — Burton Hills


This is the first Christmas having to welcome home my son after a semester away at school. It was so nice to have to make 3 lunches again, change 3 sets of bed sheets, and see his barn boots parked outside the porch door. To a parent, especially, there is nothing like being surrounded by all of your babies … it’s a feeling of being whole, and filled with love.…


A Tie-Stall Barn at Night

December 5, 2021

Editor choice…from the past. A few weeks ago, the kids and I were driving home when we passed by an old abandoned dairy barn that was clearly a showstopper back in the day. You know the type I am talking about. Red barn, small square, white trimmed windows, and a milk house attached on the front with a neatly painted white door. I sighed and said something to…