Hello 2024!

Insanity Meets Traction

Time to set your intention January 1, 2024

Insanity. “Hello.”  

What a trooper you have been, pushing me to accomplish and be more than I ever thought I was capable of this year.  

It was insanity that pushed me to “live skinny,” TO THE FULLEST!  I have been insanely polar plunging all year long too.  Truly, a blessing for me, keeping me grounded in this insanely intense year called 2023.

But “livin’ skinny” was 2023… bye, bye.

Now, I am pleased to introduce you to “traction.”  This is my word for 2024.

Traction is to give support or interest to what is needed for something to make progress or succeed.  To take the definition a bit further down, it states that a tractor (which comes from the root word of traction) gets traction because of its powerful engines and the deep ridges on its huge wheels.  I loved this, especially given my life!

So I am digging in with a big ‘ol John Deere articulated 9620R, with extra weights, dual wheels, and an extra injection of fuel.  Don’t worry, the kids told me what I needed!

The table has been set for the Morning Ag Clips, as 2023 was about putting pieces into place so that the team is ready to “go” on January 2nd. We are here to deliver the best of what we got, every day, every hour, and every minute in the world of agricultural news.

Whether it’s in the inbox, on the website, or through our app, Morning Ag Clips is all ag, all the time.  For you!  

And I sure do hope that the insanity that got me through 2023 stays with me so I can drive that tractor to a full pull by gaining as much traction as possible in the new year.  

So let’s go!  I know that all of you can get done whatever you set your mind to this year.  It may not be easy, but I guarantee it will be well worth it once you put your nose to the grindstone. 

Stay focused, and stay true to you!

With great love!