A Big ‘Ol Win Times 2!

November 5, 2023

Greetings from Michigan State! It was a big ‘ol win times 2!! A win on the football field… and a win with so many family members and friends who took the time to be together for a fun filled weekend out in East Lansing. So thankful for all of them! See you next week! With love,Kate…


Coming Straight From My Heart

August 6, 2023

How rich our life can be… …if only we remember to focus on what is positive. “Rich is way more than what will ever be in the bank…it’s what is in your heart.” Here’s to August, getting ready to send baby #2 to Michigan State and embracing the only thing that remains constant… change. With love,Kate…


My Dad and My State of Timeliness

June 18, 2023

There is one thing I don’t think my father and I will ever agree on… and that is timing. For my father’s half hour early, I am a half hour “reasonable.” Right, Dad? 😉  I am not late for things; I am only sure to use every minute as efficiently as possible before I must be somewhere. I am not late for weddings, funerals, or any appointment.  But…

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It’s a Matter of Pride

June 11, 2023

Cleaning camp and driving tractors to school. It’s that time of year, I’m spreading myself in between my home and my camp. Both are anxiously awaiting my planting of flowers, my cleaning up the deck furniture, my dusting away the cobwebs, that have collected all winter. It’s hard. Sometimes I scratch my head and wonder, why do I do all of this? Run around like a crazy woman…


Quality Control and a Case of Kryptonite

June 5, 2023

Oh, Henry Bars.  My my my, Oh Henry Bars… you got me last week. Memorial Day Weekend was spent vacationing up in New Hampshire, and unfortunately, Trixie could not go with us. Alas, I have great neighbors, and Christian came to the rescue! He and Trixie hung out together all weekend. I decided to make my sweet tooth comrade Christian one of my favs, Oh Henry Bars, for all…


The Role of Mother

May 14, 2023

15 years ago, being a mother was doing tubs in the kitchen sink and then tucking three little boys into their beds every night.  Now it’s a “Mom, I am home” at 1 in the morning after they have come in from being out with their friends. I think about all the days I balanced a child on my hip while I made supper or filled sippy cups…


Just me, Kate… and this guy!

January 16, 2023

Last week when I attended the annual New York State Agricultural Society meeting, I connected with our state Ag Commissioner, Richard Ball.  As you can see in this picture, we shared a laugh and a smile, and I am here to say, Commissioner, this one is for you!  🙂     From the bottom of my heart, I can’t say enough good things about this man and all he does…

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Just Me Stephanie (for you, mom!)

December 7, 2022

We thought it would be fun for you to hear more from the rest of us so we talked Kate into these takeovers! I get to go first because I HAVE to make amends for that terrible photo she shared of us getting those fabulous donuts in Vermont a few weeks ago! For the record, I was trying not to look down at the donuts while looking at…


Take the plunge

November 20, 2022

Take the plunge!  A Polar Plunge! I did it!  It was fun, it was exhilarating!  I was certainly alive! Yesterday, before the Greenwich Tractor Parade, 5 friends decided to jump in the Battenkill River at the Arlington Covered Bridge to raise money. The cause was the Operation Santa project for our school district.  Each of us donated money, as our “buy in” to be able to take this…


Packer’s Anonymous

November 13, 2022

Dear Packer’s Anonymous, I am a wreck and I desperately need your help. I am a terrible trip packer. What is wrong with me? My mind becomes a swirl whenever I have a trip and I have to think about what to pack. It should be easy.  I mean, count out the number of days, an outfit a day, toiletries and an extra pair of underwear and socks.…