Memories ...

Movin’ On Up

Dressed in Nerd packaging October 9, 2023

See these little guys?  

These are my new Zen, my “high,” I love them… almost too much!  Everyone in the office can attest!  Margaret brought in a 2 pound bag a few weeks ago, and it was bad. I think I ate atleast ⅔ of them myself!  Gosh, get a grip Kate!  Don’t get rid of your membership at the Y!

It’s the chewy with the crunch, in a perfect combination, not to mention they are sweet. 

Oh, so sweet…

Nerds and I go back a long time.  When I see them, eat them, or think of them, I am transformed back to being 10 years old and skiing at Pat’s Peak in Henniker, NH.  We did the Friday afternoon ski program, and it was so much fun!

Sarah, Bridget, and I all rode up on the triple ski chair every run, being silly, singing, talking, and eating Nerds.

Nerds were in their infancy back then.  Brand new to the marketplace. They were in a cardboard box, with a different flavor on each side.  Each flavor had its own nifty flap that you could pull to the side, and it would spring back into place so you wouldn’t lose any: strawberry, grape, watermelon, and orange. There were a lot of combos to choose from.

Every ride up the chairlift, we would pull a box from our coat pocket, dole out a round of the little hard candies, and pop them in our mouths.  Yum!

We used to sing the theme song to the Jeffersons TV show all the way up the mountain, making silly lyrics that were fitting to us riding up on the ski chair.

Movin’ on up, (movin’on up)
To the ski-lift chair, (to the ski-lift chair)…

We finally got a piece of the “line”…
Movin’ on up, (movin’ on up),
To the ski lift chair…

We finally got a piece of the liiiine, line, line, oooh, oh, ah….

It was pure silliness. You get the gist…like a silly that only 10-year-old girls can create–the kind that has always driven my boys mad when they have had to endure it. I am sure we were just as annoying. But boy, was it fun!  We howled with laughter.

Until the day Bridget fell off the ski chair, “movin’” up a little too much as she got ready to unload at the top.  Sarah and I just watched as if in slow motion. She dropped out of the chair about 6 feet into the powder and bank of snow, just short of the unloading ramp.

Once we all realized she was okay, the person tending the top of the lift as well, we laughed our way down the mountain to get back in line and do it all over again.

Oh, those were the days…

38 years later.  I am still eating Nerds–albeit a slightly different version (better if I do say). 

With every handful, I think of my dear friends who I haven’t seen in ages or stayed in touch with.  

I will always remember them fondly, as they played such a big role in bringing me joy every day, way back when…

“…on the ski-lift chair…”

With love,