Movin’ On Up

October 9, 2023

See these little guys?   These are my new Zen, my “high,” I love them… almost too much!  Everyone in the office can attest!  Margaret brought in a 2 pound bag a few weeks ago, and it was bad. I think I ate atleast ⅔ of them myself!  Gosh, get a grip Kate!  Don’t get rid of your membership at the Y! It’s the chewy with the crunch, in a…


Eastern States

September 28, 2022

For four short days every year, when I was a teenager, I became part of something bigger. It was bigger than me when I was 15.  It is bigger than me today, at 47. Eastern States Exposition.  New England’s premier agricultural fair. Every year, our state (New Hampshire), along with the five other New England states, sent a delegation of 4-H youth and their dairy cows down to…


What’s in a word, what’s in a picture?

January 3, 2021

So much … really. The word “fruition” has been hanging in the office over the past few months, yet nobody has claimed it yet. It first came to our attention through Stephanie. It was at a brainstorming session to name the communications services arm of the Morning Ag Clips. We still don’t have a name yet (getting close), but we certainly know what it will not be. Stephanie loved…