National Donut Day: What Kind of a Donut Are You?

June 9, 2024

National Donut Day! 

And we did it up in the office!

We are a crew driven by food.  All of us find great joy in eating–together.  Lunch is at noon every day–so everyone can eat together. (Chandler won’t eat before the clock chimes 12 o’clock–much to Elisa’s chagrin!)

So, National Donut Day was an excuse to eat and be merry, and we did! While putting together a reel for donuts, someone asked what kind of donut each of us would be…if we were a donut.

Without further ado, I will unveil what kind of everyone in the office would be if they were a donut.  🙂  This should be interesting…

Elisa: Strawberry frosted with sprinkles on top

Fun, whimsey, sweet with texture

Margaret:  Boston Cream

Even though she is from NY, Marg has a bit of New England in her. What you see is what you get: honest, even-keel.

Carol:  Cider Donut

A donut maker at an apple orchard during apple season. Workhorse, focused and task-oriented.  “Time to make the donuts.”

Brittany:  Maple Frosted

She is the sugarmaker of the office every spring, boiling sap to make maple syrup!

Christa:  Bismarck

Two layers.  Tough outer shell for hard work every day.  Sweet cream on the inside for her softer side of being a caregiver and thoughtfulness.

Chandler:  Glazed

No surprises.  Well organized.  Classic.

Naomi:  Chocolate Frosted

Keep it simple.  Straightforward.

Lila:  Sweet Italian Cream

Reserved. Observer, with a lot going on inside.  You don’t know until you take a bite!

Patrick:  Red, white, and blue frosted for the 4th of July or Memorial Day

Firefighter.  Giver.  Humble.

Kyle:  Chocolate Glazed

A great lover of chocolate!  Add peanut butter to make it extra special.

And last but not least.  Me.  I am not sure.  Everything!

My favorite:  The Bismarck

But I love granulated sugar, jelly donuts, and a good Boston Cream. The glazed is my measure of a donut shop’s quality, and I never turn down an apple fritter.

A box of a dozen different donuts is like life. You need every variety to be balanced, fulfilled, and supported.

I love them all!  

I love all these people who tolerate me and work with me daily to bring you your clips!

With love,