My Dad keeps us afloat

June 19, 2022

My Dad keeps us afloat. It’s a very difficult job, but somebody has to do it! Always the caregiver, Dad, constantly goes about making sure that everything gets done for us.  Property management is his forte.  🙂  When things get tough, he is apt to hand us a $20 bill, or start doing some task to help, under mom’s direction, anything to restore our happiness. If we are…


First Day of Fishin’

March 7, 2021

Oh, how I loved the opening day of fishing. It meant spring and an early morning wake-up on the last Saturday of April every year. My sisters, father and I would meet W and his sons in the dark up in Boscawen at their farm. Poles in hand, our fathers would drive us up to Franklin, to wet a line just as the sun was coming up over…


Stacking wood

February 28, 2021

I remember being little and stacking wood with my dad. Back in those very old days, when I was really young, it was fun, and I am sure I was probably more of a hindrance than an asset as he tried to get through it without tripping over me. As I got older, I was much better help, but maybe not quite as good company? I was helping…