Are You In?

May 5, 2024

I went to a very small wedding Saturday night.  I like weddings. Weddings are not just for the couple being married, but also for those who support them.  They are an opportunity for renewal and a reminder of love for those of us standing on the sidelines, watching. Whether you are next to your mate of 40 years, 20 months or 10 days one can’t help but think…


My Dad and My State of Timeliness

June 18, 2023

There is one thing I don’t think my father and I will ever agree on… and that is timing. For my father’s half hour early, I am a half hour “reasonable.” Right, Dad? 😉  I am not late for things; I am only sure to use every minute as efficiently as possible before I must be somewhere. I am not late for weddings, funerals, or any appointment.  But…