A Normal Day

April 4, 2019

Some days I just get ahead of myself.

Some days I feel like my feet don’t even touch the ground because I am going in so many different directions.

Some days I am so busy working on the tasks of today and planning for tomorrow, that I have to remind my brain to slow down, my body to sit still, and my heart to just settle.

As I looked out the kitchen window this morning, at my 3 sons heading off to school together, I couldn’t help but feel a total content in my heart, that we were all blessed with today, and it’s normalcy.

And it was this saying, that sits on the ledge of my sister’s kitchen window, that came to my mind and I thought on it. I took a great deep breath in, to savor that moment, of my kids walking to school.

It is our human nature to over-busy ourselves in our quest for perfection, to meet our goals, to make our money, find our mate, have our kids, be bigger, be better, do more …

It’s easy for the gift of a normal day to go unnoticed.

Really, it’s these normal, run-of-the-mill, every day kind of days that we should be the most thankful for every single day that they are given to us.

Thank you.

Enjoy this poem. I love it because it always seems to bring perspective:

Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are.

Let me learn from you, love you, bless you before you depart.  

Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow.

Let me hold you while I may, for it may not always be so.  

One day, I shall dig my nails into the earth,
or bury my face in the pillow or stretch myself taut,
or raise my hands to the sky and want, more than all the world,
your return.

~Mary Jean Irion

With Love,


An event on “A Normal Day” to be cherished