Like a great big hug...

An Angel Steps In

When you need it August 2, 2021

Dear Kyla (From Purdue),

I just want to thank you so much for all of your help during this past week as Tyler and I realized our big university housing debacle.   It was our own oversight.

How thankful I am to have waited for 45 minutes in the phone queue.  If I hadn’t, I would not have gotten YOU.   You were nice, taking me by the hand and pointing me in the right direction.

Who knew that your help would lead us to understand how we so terribly messed up and would be ineligible for housing so late in the season.  It is a year where housing is at a premium due to the influx of so many deferral students and we seriously blew it.

You were the one who had to deliver that very bad news. But you took the time to refer me to someone who could help us find an apartment.  Did you hear my quiet tears shedding over the miles and through the phone? I just wanted my son to have a normal freshman experience.

You could have walked away, but you gave me your cell phone and told me to reach out if I needed anything! You would even go and facetime me for an apartment walk-through! (You didn’t need to offer that.)

Turns out I didn’t even have to reach out because you texted me the very next day with a university housing solution!  I was not expecting that.  Again, you could have hung up with me and moved on to the next phone call.  You didn’t, though.

During a time when I have been feeling less than sure of myself, trying to navigate all of the requirements to get Tyler off to a college that is far from our home, you helped me.  

It was the hug of reassurance that I needed, reaching out to me across the miles between here and West Lafayette.

There have been certain instances when people like yourself have stepped in and helped me during my life.  Like the man at the convenience store out in the middle of Nowhere, NH.  I had just pulled into the gas station with 2 little kids, no gas, no money, and far from home..sir, you helped.  Handing me a $20, you told me to think nothing of it and go fill up. 

It was the hug of reassurance that I needed, to carry me home.

Neither one of you will ever understand the impact that you had on me during those particular moments.  Like angels sent from heaven to watch over me, I trusted, and you showed up to help.

Being kind, and helping a stranger is immeasurable.  Offering a hand of reassurance in the form that it needs to be received is great.  To me, to others. 

Thank you to my angels and all of the angels out there. I carry you in my heart wherever I go. I pray that I too can be ready to offer that hug of reassurance, wherever needed, to a stranger in need.  Thank you.

With love,